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Life at SRiNi LiNK

Our Teammates matters to us the most...

We, at SRiNi LiNK believe building careers as equivalent to nurturing a child. We believe and thrive to working in SRiNi LiNK is just not to earn a living but, to enjoy the experience of new learning every day. All "SRiNi LiNK" teammates believe to perform better and beat their own performance of yesterday.

We want you to realise your untapped potential and hidden capabilities.

If you want to work in a competitive environment with efficient teammates and your achievements to be recognized, and what we want is "You to touch the sky".

Growth & Development

The recent culture around the world now is "instant" – E.g. - Instant Coffee, Instant ready mix breakfast. No efforts...

But, we believe in winning daily, consistently and by series of satisfying wins we build our careers.

Our hunger for spotting the right team mate who is passionate about what he does and keeps the "End" in mind when he begins, has got the best set of team mates within the company.

We plan and develop successors for all roles that, Srini Link believes cannot be set aside.

Current Openings

To be a part of our Group you can mail your resume/CV to