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Armoured & Un-armoured PVC & XLPE cables

Armoured & Un-armoured PVC & XLPE cables

These Cables are mainly used for wiring of main or supporting Electricity line of any Infrastructure like Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Mining Industries, Electricity Distribution Substation etc., in form of Ungrounded Laying, Open laying or Cable tray Laying etc.

S:1554(Part 1) : Type A & ST1 PVC Insulated & Sheathed AC 1100Volt, Max Conductor Temperature 70 Degree.

Type C & ST2 PVC Insulated & Sheathed AC 1100 Volt, Max Conductor Temperature 85 Degree.

IS:7098(Part 1) : XLPE Insulated & ST2 PVC Sheathed AC 1100 Volt and DC 1500 Volt, Max Conductor Temperature 90 Degree.

SRINI LINK ™ 1.00 SQ.MM X 5 C UP TO 1100 V AS PER IS : 694 (RoHS)